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New opportunities for promotion in Telegram Ads: External links in ads

In the world of digital marketing, each update of advertising platforms opens up new opportunities for advertisers. In this context, Telegram Ads attracts attention with its constant updates and expansion of promotion opportunities. One of the last significant updates was the addition of the ability to include an external link to a website or application in advertisements. This has opened up to marketers a number of advantages of the Telegram Ads platform:

Shortening the user path

Advertisers can now lead users directly to a website from an advertisement, bypassing the intermediate steps with a bot or channel. This not only reduces the time and effort spent by the user to achieve a goal, such as requesting a call or purchasing a product, but also increases the likelihood of successful completion of the target action.

More accurate analytics of the advertising campaign

After viewing the ad, the user goes directly to the site or to the app, where his actions are recorded in tag analytics systems. This allows you to more effectively track the results of various Telegram promotion methods, including advertisements, bots, channels and seed ads.

In addition, Telegram is constantly updating its advertising account, expanding the capabilities of advertisers and making advertising settings even more convenient. Among the latest updates in Telegram, we can highlight the introduction of a custom schedule of advertising campaigns and the setting of a budget limit for the day.

In this article, we propose to consider the process of creating an ad with an external link in Telegram Ads.

Settings for ads with external link

Setting up an advertisement with an external link in Telegram Ads is a simple and intuitive process for each advertiser. To create an ad, you need to:

  • Add a link to the site
  • Write an attractive headline
  • Select the appropriate Call to Action (CTA): Open, Read, View, Learn More, Sign Up, Leave a Request and others
  • Add an image to the ad in the "Show website picture" field. However, it is worth remembering that this action will increase the minimum cost by 30% (CPM).

Example of setting up an advertisement in the Telegram Ads advertising account:

Ad moderation

To successfully pass moderation in Telegram Ads, you must follow the advertising policy of the platform. Here are the basic rules to consider:

  • The content of your website must match the information in the advertisement. The site should not be created solely to collect user data.
  • The site should function error-free and have an acceptable page loading speed.
  • The information on your site should not contain topics that are prohibited for advertising in Telegram Ads, such as weapons, easy money, fast food and others.
  • Your page should provide a variety of information and not be limited to just one type of content or validity period, for example, registration for an event.

In addition, it is important to consider the following aspects:

  • The use of shortened links or redirects of users to other sites is not allowed.

As you can see, the moderation of an ad in Telegram Ads is simple. AdHand helps clients with the first launch and advises on setting up ads. Your ad will pass moderation and bring effective results.

The results of an advertisement with an external link

To conduct a detailed analysis of the advertising campaign, we recommend adding UTM tags to the link. In the Telegram advertising account itself, there are familiar metrics for analyzing the effectiveness of a campaign in order to track it at every stage: 

  • CMP - cost per 1000 impressions
  • CPC - cost per click
  • CTR - clickability of an ad
  • Spent budget - advertising expenses (in euros)
  • Remaining budget - remaining budget

AdHand clients cases

"Many advertisers have been waiting for this update. If previously you had to lead the audience to an external link through a channel or bot, now you can do it directly from the ad. Many advertisers have improved the effectiveness of their campaigns thanks to this update"
Darina Shamanskaya, Lead Manager for AdHand Customer Support and Development

Launch Telegram Ads using AdHand, and we will help you set up your first advertising campaign and figure out the advertising settings. While everyone is entering the site, there is a chance to have time to test it at low rates.  

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