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A new tool for game designers: LGM 3D model generation service

New technologies and tools are constantly emerging in the world of the gaming industry, simplifying the process of creating games and making it more accessible to a wide range of people. One of the latest innovative products worth highlighting is the LGM 3D model generation service.

This service is a smart neural network capable of creating a high-quality 3D model based on an uploaded photo or text description in a few seconds. One of the main features of LGM is the high resolution and incredible speed of operation — only 5 seconds to create one object.

It is enough to upload a photo of the object that you would like to transform into a 3D model, or describe it in text form. The neural network will process your request and create a model that you can further edit by adding the desired textures or making your own changes.

This tool will be a real gift for game designers and all those who work with 3D graphics. Don't put your creative ideas on hold — give them life with LGM.

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