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The New PlayStation Portal Hack

An interesting event is breaking out again in the world of computer security and gaming. Experts in the research of mobile gadget security systems, represented by Andy Nguyen, Kalle Svensson and a specialist under the pseudonym xyz, announced their recent achievement: hacking the protection of the Sony PlayStation Portal portable local console.

Experts were able to launch a PSP console emulator (PPSSPP) on PlayStation Portal with various games, including one of the parts of the popular Grand Theft Auto series. The researchers claim that the available storage capacity of the console is 6 GB, and have made significant efforts to penetrate the system. And although they managed to hack the device, the software methods did not work instantly — it took more than a month to find a solution to bypass the built-in protection.

It is important to note that experts do not plan to release instructions for jailbreaking the PlayStation Portal to the public in the near future. They claim that the work on this project is still far from being completed, and "there is still a lot of work to be done."

Sony has not officially announced the possibility of launching games for PSP and PS1 on this console. The manufacturer positions the PlayStation Portal as a device for streaming data from the PS5. Sony recently published on its portal the source code of the open source OS project used in the PlayStation Portal, revealing the technical details of the device.

From the data, it was found that the device has a Snapdragon 680 processor with four Cortex-A73 and four Cortex-A55 cores. This is not the most productive solution, but it should be enough for streaming games, especially after optimizing and refining the client part of the software.

The PlayStation Portal portable local console is equipped with an 8” 1080p display and a built-in DualSense controller. It is designed to stream games from PlayStation 5 via Wi-Fi. However, the maintainability of the console can be a problem, as it is difficult to disassemble it without special tools and a hair dryer.

In August 2023, Sony introduced the PlayStation Portal, priced from $200, claiming that it is a convenient hardware for streaming data from the PS5. However, in light of new developments and hacks, the company may reconsider its plans or strengthen security measures in future models.

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Недавно видел обзор что Playstation Portal оказалось просто устройством на андроиде, у Макаренко вроде как видел. Поэтому сильно не удивлен)