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A useful life hack? or is it still dangerous advice? Apple VS Rice

On January 2, 2024, Apple published instructions for solving the "Liquid Detected in USB-C Connector" error.

It is noteworthy that Apple first mentioned the very "life hack with rice", which recommended drying Iphone smartphones trapped in rice.

Literally, the company writes DO NOT PUT YOUR iPhone IN RICE! The company explains this by saying that small particles of rice can harm your iPhone (from my experience: clog the iPhone and disable it or its charging port).

For a long time, some have used rice as a means to quickly remove moisture from electronic devices. However, back in 2015, The Verge noted that rice is relatively ineffective at absorbing moisture. In such situations, the most effective solution is to allow time for the gadget to dry naturally. According to research, placing smartphones in rice can delay the process of removing moisture, as well as lead to the penetration of dust and starch into the device.

In addition, Apple strongly recommends that you refrain from using cotton swabs and paper towels when servicing the charging ports of devices. Instead, it is suggested to perform a light tapping of the smartphone with the connector down the arm. 

After that, it is recommended to place the iPhone in a well-ventilated place to ensure that the device dries naturally. It is recommended to wait about 30 minutes before starting the charging process. If the warnings continue to be displayed, it is recommended to leave the phone alone for an additional time.

It may take up to 24 hours for the device to dry completely. If, despite this, the device has dried up, but continues to experience charging problems, it is recommended to temporarily disconnect the cable and reconnect it.

(Attention, my subjective advice, if after drying you feel that the phone is slightly swollen, or white and other light from the matrix shines from the side slits of the screen, I recommend contacting the workshop as soon as possible, it is likely that your Iphone's lithium-ion battery is swollen, this may lead to a fire or explosion of the device)

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ахаха) вы сделали мой день!)


А как же соль? Соль тоже неплохо помогает ))) Предлагаю перед тем, как поместить телефон в рис или соль, поместить его в холщовый мешочек или нетолстый (чистый!) носок )))


честно соль не пробывал) Для меня это немного табу использовать съедобные продукты таким образом)