Cloud service provider Servercore has announced a partnership with HWG Sababa in Uzbekistan

March 19, 2024: Servercore, a global IT infrastructure provider, revealed a collaborative project with HWG Sababa, a supplier of B2B cybersecurity solutions. Servercore enabled its partner to transfer the IT infrastructure from an overseas provider and set it up in a data center within the Republic in just seven days.

HWG Sababa has been a player in the B2B security solutions market since 2008. The company began its journey by developing SOC services in Italy, and then gradually expanded its product portfolio and geographical reach. Acknowledging the economic potential and diverse business opportunities in the region, HWG Sababa chose Uzbekistan as its primary hub in Central Asia.

From 2022 onwards, the company has had a full-fledged presence in the Uzbekistan market with an office in Tashkent, implementing projects that consider the regional threat landscape, regulatory requirements, and technologies available on the market. A reliable IT infrastructure is essential for the stable operation of the company's SaaS services and for storing and processing the data they generate.

Prior to entering the Central Asian market, HWG Sababa's main services were hosted by a foreign provider with no local presence in the region. However, Uzbek legislation on personal data storage and processing requires businesses to store data within the country's borders.

During the migration of IT infrastructure from a foreign vendor's cloud platform to a provider with a presence in Uzbekistan, it was crucial for HWG Sababa that the IT service provider offered robust cloud services with an easy-to-use resource management system and adhered to local data storage and processing laws. Besides, the company exclusively considered a payment model where the payments are charged only for the resources used in the cloud.

"When we entered the Uzbekistan market, the choice of IT infrastructure providers suitable for us turned out to be limited. Most providers couldn't offer a turnkey service package: we would have had to rent racks, buy equipment, and ensure the resilience of the IT infrastructure on our own. Many companies offered VPS/VDS with limited capacity, suitable only for website hosting. We, however, needed computational power to process a significantly larger volume of data," said Mikhail Steblin, HWG Sababa Technical Director for Central Asia.

To address the partner's needs, Servercore provided HWG Sababa with a pool of virtual machines of custom configuration under a pay-as-you-go payment model. In addition, the company had the opportunity to test the capabilities of the provider's cloud platform in advance. Following the testing phase, it was decided to continue cooperation.

"The extensive expertise of the Servercore team in executing complex technical projects and the effective collaborative effort of the two companies enabled HWG Sababa to set up its IT infrastructure in our cloud within a tight schedule. We also managed to address the company's need to comply with local data storage and processing laws: our services are based in local data centers, and all Servercore services in Uzbekistan have successfully obtained PCI DSS certification. We are pleased with our productive partnership with HWG Sababa and look forward to continuing to assist our partner with large-scale IT infrastructure tasks," said Kamol Karimov, Business Development Manager at Servercore.

At present, HWG Sababa has deployed several SaaS services in Servercore, including a pilot version of a platform for training company employees on cybersecurity guidelines. Firewalls for data protection against DDoS attacks and Postfix are also hosted in the cloud.

"We are currently operating in the Uzbekistan market as a startup that is experimenting a lot. It's crucial for us to quickly launch virtual machines, test various cloud services for different tasks, and promptly utilize computational resources when needed — all without any additional costs. The flexibility of Servercore solutions and the option to pay only for the resources consumed allow us to optimize IT infrastructure costs. We have plans to expand our business in the Republic of Uzbekistan in the future, and we are open to collaborating with Servercore on new projects," added Mikhail Steblin.


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