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Telegram Update – about new business opportunities

Telegram has released a business update that greatly simplifies customer interaction. Let's look at how the platform has made it easier for brands and entrepreneurs to work.:

  • Welcome messages for automatic sending to new customers
  • Work schedule and automatic responses during the time when you are not working
  • Templates of prepared answers to questions
  • Business address in the profile
  • Tags for chats

We recommend testing Telegram for Business now, while it is temporarily included in the Telegram Premium subscription.

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полезный пост!


Телеграмм вообще молодцы, давно хотел чтобы эти возможности были (как в Watsapp). Ибо большое количество людей предпочитают использовать телегу, а не Watsapp. И теперь это очень удобно


Абсолютно согласны!