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The winners of the Seed Money startup financing competition have been determined

The selection of projects within the framework of the startup financing program from Astana Hub – Seed money has been completed.

Projects that have been approved for financing: 

  • is a system for automated generation of multilingual product pages optimized for online sales; 
  • Arlan Biotech - development of artificial intelligence models for predicting nanoparticle sequences; 
  • Diagnostics at home - a service for remote diagnosis of respiratory diseases; 
  • Bloxxa is a platform that allows developers to quickly and easily create, test and safely run their applications on the blockchain; 
  • Oila is a mobile application for children aged 4 to 9 years old, combining games and learning; 
  • Somewhere is a cross-platform, open-world multiplayer survival game; 
  • The Game is a VR game with a combat system for exploring the world with new virtual reality capabilities; 
  • NU Rover is a new generation Mars ROVER in Central Asia;
  • 3D printing of space components using AI;
  • Porte - digital concierge for hotels;
  • Jauynger is a platform for digitalizing the process of conscription, recruitment into the army of Kazakhstan and training candidates using AI and VR technology.

Each project will receive up to 10 million tenge for the development of its startup.

According to the conditions, startups had to go through 2 stages of selection: 

  1. Consideration of applications for compliance with the requirements of the program. 
  2. Presentation of projects to the members of the independent commission. 

Independent commissions on each of the priority areas heard presentations and made their assessments. A total of 32 project presentations were heard. 

The criteria for evaluating projects are: 

  • Team; 
  • Market potential;
  • Manufacturability; 
  • Progress. 

The maximum score for each criterion was 10 (ten) points, and the total maximum score of the project was 40 (forty) points. 

At the same time, the passing score was at least 25 (twenty-five) points. 

The final results are presented below.

Project nameFinal average scoreApproved amount of financing
Bloxxa 36,79 724 800
Jauynger 32,310 000 000
3D printing of space components using AI30,710 000 000
SmartPIM 30,510 000 000
Arlan Biotech3010 000 000
Diagnosis at home29,710 000 000
OILA28,39 943 200
The Game279 680 724
Porte 2610 000 000
SOMEWHERE25,39 321 888
NU Rover255 654 229
Ostturm 24,7-
Free city22,3-
Migned 20,3-
Health balance 18,8-
Time-Bounded 18,3-
Borsyq Games17,3-
Jungle16- 15,7-
MyDataCoin 15-
NotarySwift 13,3-
QazaqIQ CRM12-

Congratulations to the startups that have been selected and wish them the realization of all their goals!

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