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Experience of previous IT projects

In IT, the experience and lessons of previous projects play a crucial role. Valuable things can be extracted from them that will help you make informed decisions about how to improve the quality of future projects. However, in practice it is not always so simple. That's why:

Often, data on past experiences is collected either at the very end of a project or a long time after its completion. By this point, team members are engaged in other tasks and projects, and many details may be lost or completely forgotten.

Another problem is the lack of the possibility of applying the collected information. Often, data on past experiences remains unstructured or is not suitable for use in subsequent projects.

In order to really use the experience of previous projects in practice, it is necessary to collect information throughout the entire work process, and not only in its finale. This experience will contain difficulties, successes and moments when everything went wrong.

This way, all team members will be available and able to contribute, and all information will be relevant and useful for future projects.

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