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From Learning to Growth: Student Feedback on Python Courses at DevPractice

At DevPractice, we strive to provide students with not only knowledge, but also tools for their professional growth. Feedback from our students is an important part of this process. The feedback from students who have taken our Python courses is not just a reflection of their individual experiences, but also a valuable resource for improving and adapting our educational programs. These reviews demonstrate how various aspects of our educational program affect students' learning and professional growth, emphasizing the importance of both offline and online learning formats. They point to the potential for further improvements, such as increased time between lectures and increased interaction between students. These reviews not only testify to the success of our students, but also serve as inspiration and direction for us at DevPractice to improve and develop our educational programs in the future.

Offline student: Nikita Chemerisov.

Nikita notes the high level of teaching, where the material is presented in an accessible and understandable way. He appreciates the established feedback system, which helps to quickly resolve issues and improve skills. According to him, a well-designed course program promotes continuous development and helps to avoid stagnation. The offline learning format with its convenient schedule and live meetings plays a key role in its educational process. Nikita also suggests including a job security or internship for successful graduates.

Offline student: Mauliev Amir.

Amir expresses his positive impressions of the course, noting its fascination and richness. He appreciates the numerous practical tasks that improve his skills and confidence. Amir suggests optimizing learning by increasing the intervals between lectures, which would allow him to do his homework more effectively. He also highlights the advantages of offline learning, especially the possibility of direct communication with the teacher.

Online student: Sarsenbaev Toylybai.

Toylybai is enthusiastic about the course, noting its usefulness for programmers of various levels. He is pleased that the course materials are informative and visually appealing. He also notes that in the future he would like to take part in a group project with his classmates for closer interaction with everyone.  Despite his preference for the offline format, he appreciates the benefits of online learning, such as access to materials at any time.

The feedback from our students demonstrates how various aspects of the educational program affect their learning and professional growth. Their experience highlights the importance of both offline and online learning formats, as well as the potential for further improvements such as increased time between lectures and greater interaction between students.

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