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From waiter, builder, military to developer

Who did you work for before alem?

My journey to alem began with unsolvable difficulties and led to career success. Before going to school, I tried many professions: from waiter to builder. But the reality turned out to be far from my expectations. After serving in the armed forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan, I realized that I needed to radically change my life.

What did you do?

I learned about alem school and the Tech Orda program from a friend who supported me throughout my studies. And I decided not to hesitate to go, because I fit the school's condition: 18-40 years old.

Moving from Kostanay to Astana was not easy, but the support of my parents helped me make this decision.

How was the training?

Studying at school opened up a new world for me and provided opportunities for personal growth.

Despite the lack of basic knowledge in programming and English, the peer to peer methodology and the support of the community allowed me to quickly catch up and gain confidence in my abilities.

When did you get your first IT job?

Immediately after a year of study, I got a job at Doodocs, where I have been working for six months.

The internship at this company was a wonderful start to my career.

What advice would you give to those who want to change the field?

I recommend the Tech Orda program to those who want to change their field of activity, because many IT schools besides alem participate in it and you can choose a profession you like.

My advice is: don't be afraid of difficulties and always strive for development. Perseverance and hard work always lead to success!

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