Discovering New Horizons in Design: The Path to Success through Alpha Tech Education

Hello everyone, my name is Aisana, and I am a student at Alpha Tech Education. I am taking a 6-month course in graphic, UI, and UX design under the guidance of Yerdaulet. Three months have already passed, we have mastered Photoshop, are finishing Illustrator, and ahead of us awaits the exciting Figma. My impressions of the course are simply amazing! Not only practical skills, but also interaction with the tutor at the highest level. I feel that I already possess important skills that will help me realize my dream of working. I am grateful that I was chosen for this course, and I would also like to express my gratitude to TechOrda for the financial support of the training. I recommend everyone to join this school. I am sure that after completing the course, you will be able to realize your dream of becoming an IT specialist.

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