Partner resources: For what and for whom?

📣 Great news! Our team is pleased to announce that we have developed a unique list of partner resources provided by our partners and described various ways to use them.

The Astana Hub Partner Resources program is a great opportunity not only to automate and scale your projects, but also to save decently.

This list is a real treasure trove filled with opportunities and resources. Many partners with whom we cooperate provide us with valuable tools, knowledge and expertise in various fields.

For example, if you don't know how you can use Vonage for your startup - in the table you will see who this resource is suitable for, what it does, what functions it has, as well as the use case of this resource.

Why are partner resources so important?

Expanding knowledge and skills
Improving processes and tools
Business development and growth
Expanding the network of contacts
Innovative approach
You can get acquainted with the opportunities from our partners case-s by the link. 🚀


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Спасибо за use-cases!