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A look into Gamedev's Past: Innovations and their pitfalls

In the yard of October 1998, a game based on the popular franchise (then only two films from the series were released) from DreamWorks Interactive studio in the action-adventure genre, the game designer of which was Austin Grossman.

What is remarkable about this game of those distant, but no less wonderful years for projects? Yes, literally to everyone, the game implemented the first proprietary engine that used ragdoll (physics) of objects and environments!

The game gave you the opportunity to take an object in your hand (it is displayed alone) and use it to fend off the dangerous mouth of the velociraptor! And after defeating a formidable opponent, you can see that most cherished realistic picture with physics and a little pat the corpse of the enemy. The game can deservedly be called the father of VR games, because you can feel that most of what is in the modern VR game, you have already seen in Tresspasser.

Separately, it is necessary to highlight the wonderful atmosphere of the game in which you will be tense most of the time, because while you are digging in the drawers in search of objects, a curious face of a dinosaur eager to make you a piece is most likely sneaking up behind you.

But what to do when you are bitten? You will start looking for the most familiar health strip, but you will not find it immediately, because here a bold decision was implemented to place a health strip in the form of a tattoo on your chest, which changed the status depending on your level of health! Let's stop at singing praises and take a look at the actual situation.

What went wrong: that all that I have listed was implemented in 1998, and imagine how computers of that generation coped with it (spoiler-in no way). If you looked at the genre before you bought the game, then you will definitely find ludonarrative dissonance, because you will clearly feel yourself in a survival-horror game with a touch of action-adventure.

Slow walking, constant tension, limited ammunition, and the most eerie thing that awaits you is the sound of a dinosaur hissing without visual contact with it. Yes, that's all it takes to make a player's nerves stretch to the limit. You feel literally the hopelessness of the situation in which the main character of the game found herself.

However, if we look at this from the side of game design, then the Core loop in the game is implemented just as it should be for Action-adventure: you enter a new location-battle with the enemy-get access to the quest-decide- enter a new location. Why did this happen?

Learning from mistakes: 1. The wrong budget for such bold decisions. The lack of funding led to the lack of necessary specialists and, as a result, the appearance of overwork of existing employees.

As an example, the lack of a specialist led to a problem with the character's hands, which were supposed to work both synchronously, the developers could not implement this moment.

2. The tight deadlines set by the Publisher led to the failure of the project, just think about it, one year to implement all of the above and it was in 1998!

The biggest example is poor code optimization in the engine, the lack of necessary new technologies led to a significant load on the player's processor and caused simply the wildest image delays. Subsequently, terrible optimization caused a strong backlash towards the game developers (hello Cyberpunk).

3. What about the genre? Why did this happen? The answer lies in the existence of point 2 of the problems, you are a development team, you already have deadlines to release the project, and here the Publisher gives you a clear vision of what he would like to see not the survival-horror genre, but the very action-adventure that we saw.

A total of 50,000 copies of the game were sold, the game was considered a commercial failure. The game was awarded as the worst game of the year (I consider this moment to be a disgusting example of refereeing based on the fact that if the game did not sell well, then it is the worst). As an example of Among Us 2018 release, it was not a successful game at the start either.

Tresspasser turned out to be a pretty interesting game - I personally discovered it in 2006, and I don't regret it. From the very beginning, the game attracted the mechanics and aesthetics of Jurassic Park with its ent.

I recommend playing the game in order to look at the story, and as an example for gamedev.

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классный разбор, очень интересный пост) побольше такого :)


Благодарю, я на LinkedIn начал серию статей, наверно и тут буду выгружать!


классный разбор, очень интересный пост) побольше такого :)