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Latest news in the school of Mentory Education

Welcome to our school, where we offer unique courses that open the doors to the world of technology for you. We constantly receive feedback from our students and promptly process it for effective growth and improvement of our courses!At the moment, 79 students are enrolled in our school under the TechOrda program. Namely , for such courses as :

 1. Python (Django) Development:

- Exploring the powerful capabilities of Python in combination with the Django framework. Development of web applications from simple to complex.

2. JavaScript (React) Development:

- Deep dive into the world of JavaScript with the React framework. Creating interactive and modern web applications.

3. QA Engineering:

- Mastering skills in the field of software testing. Work with automated tests and product quality assurance.

4. C# Development:

- Advanced training in the C# programming language with an emphasis on creating complex applications and web services.

Our Methodology:

- Practical Focus: Our courses are based on real projects, which allows you to directly apply the acquired knowledge.

- Individual Approach: We take into account your level of training and interests to ensure the best educational experience.

- Mentoring: Experienced teachers and mentors are ready to support you at every stage of training.

- Modern Technologies: We follow the latest technological trends to give you the keys to the latest solutions in the IT world.

Join our courses to unlock your potential, create innovative projects and prepare for a successful career in the field of information technology. Forward to new heights in the world of code and development!

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