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A robot from Boston Dynamics is presented, which will work on the Hyundai assembly line

Boston Dynamics, known for its advanced robots, has published photos and videos of a new generation of android called Atlas. The new robot, although it bears the same name as its predecessor, differs from it in design. Boston Dynamics, which is part of the Hyundai group, is planning the first practical test for Atlas on the automaker's assembly line.

  • The main design difference of the new Atlas is the use of electric drives instead of the previous hydraulics and much greater freedom of movement of the limbs. In the video, for example, the robot walks either side forward and bends its legs at an unnatural angle for a human. In addition, Atlas has received improved intelligence and optimized vision.
  • At the same time, Boston Dynamics deliberately preserves its robots' human likeness. According to the designers, the presence of legs will make it easier to move over rough terrain, and the form factor as a whole will allow you to better adapt to living in the world of people. The company prepares androids for the role of assistants in boring or dangerous scenarios for humans — for this, freedom of movement has been expanded. Atlas is significantly superior to humans in this parameter.
  • The developers are confident in the commercial potential of androids, but their project is still far from completion. In fact, the new Atlas will rather interfere with Hyundai's assembly line, since an attempt to integrate the robot into production processes will inevitably create additional difficulties. Nevertheless, Hyundai supports this plan, as they see in it the potential for improving the automotive industry.
  • Boston Dynamics expects, together with Hyundai and other few project partners, to test together with Atlas and related intangible infrastructure — for example, management software, training programs for human workers and new safety standards.

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