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Entering the foreign market, creating a data center: what was the beetech conf conference in 2024 remembered for?

The conference was attended by more than 1,000 people.

April 27 at Almaty hosted the fourth IT conference on the territory of Narxoz University - beetech conf from Beeline Kazakhstan and QazCode. The conference brought together engineers, developers, products, agile coaches and other dev specialists from all over the market so that participants could discuss challenges, hear inspiring stories and find like-minded people.

 From 140 applications were selected for more than 30 reports, which are distributed among three streams: Engineering, Big Data, Management.

So, strong Kazakhstani and international speakers from Beeline performed at the event Kazakhstan/ QazCode, NVIDIA, Booking, Verigram, Tinkoff, Kolesa Group and other companies. Each expert submitted an application, passed the selection process and received a platform where he shared his expertise and showed his products.

The conference was held in an offline format, which allowed participants to fully immerse themselves in the "here and now" moment, and the tickets themselves were sold out two weeks from the moment registration openings. Despite this, the organizers made sure that participants who did not attend the conference could still listen to the reports of their favorite speakers. And therefore, all the speeches will be available on the Beetech YouTube channel, where you can also watch the reports of previous years.

Every year, the organizers of beetech conf delight their participants with interesting announcements: in 2023, they said that Beeline Kazakhstan had its own IT company QazCode. This year, QazCode CEO Alexey Sharavar announced the creation of the first GPU cloud in Central Asia for the development of AI products based on NVIDIA technology. This helps to speed up the processing of a large volume AI tasks due to uniform load distribution.

The creation of this cloud will allow QazCode to provide access to advanced AI solutions to both local and international customers, meeting the best standards and global practices. In addition, the company plans to create its own data center in Kazakhstan, which will expand opportunities for the development of innovative technologies in the country.

 "We are pleased to offer Kazakhstani technology companies, startups and international developers access to the most modern GPU resources that have so far been available only in major global centers," Alexey said. "I believe that the creation of our own data center opens up new opportunities for the development of high technologies in Kazakhstan and contributes to the sustainable growth of the national economy."

In addition to performances, there were four tenants in the event program. This new format allowed participants not only to ask questions, as in panel discussions, but also to actively exchange expert opinions. After all, as the organizers themselves noted, beetech conf participants have significant experience and knowledge that helped enrich the general discussion.

At the apartment parties, the speakers discussed a number of important issues: Ekaterina Ten (Beeline Kazakhstan), Nazir Asylkhan (tekmates) and Seitkazin Bakytzhan (Kazakhstan Central Security Depository) shared their views on the methods of managing the intangible motivation of employees in IT companies.

IT experts - Alexey Sharavar (QazCode), Askar Akshambayev (1Fit), Erbol Akhmetov (Astana Hub) and Raul Lindt (Citix), discussed how the IT company can enter international markets. 

The topic of hiring junes in IT was raised during the discussion by Takhmina Kodiri (Beeline Kazakhstan), Vadim Manchenko (Kolesa Group), Farhad Kasimov (DAR U) and Igor Zygin (Tinkoff).

Abai Aslaleev and Anton Dyrdin (Beeline Kazakhstan), together with Saken Shodanov ( ), discussed strategies for obtaining a high-quality digital product.

It is worth noting that one of the key motivations for speakers and participants to participate in such events is the opportunity to enrich their knowledge about the latest tools and methods used in their professional activities. As well as networking: participants were able to communicate with speakers, get to know other professionals in their field, discuss ideas and solve certain tasks, as well as participate in workshops.

“beetech conf is the company's contribution to the development of the Kazakhstani IT community. I believe that through joint efforts Kazakhstan will become a significant player on the global IT platform, Alexey Sharavar concluded.

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