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Greetings to all participants and students of the Tech Orda program!

I am happy to share the latest news and achievements of our innovative school for training IT specialists - ItechProjects

Our students are working on exciting AI projects, including the development of machine learning algorithms for big data analysis and the creation of intelligent systems that can facilitate everyday tasks.

We establish partnerships with leading companies in the field of ICT, which allows students to gain practical experience and work on real projects.

Our teachers and invited experts regularly conduct seminars on current AI topics, where students can deepen their knowledge and discuss advanced technologies.

Summing up, I would like to note that the field of AI not only promises, but already makes a huge contribution to the development of technologies. Our innovative school for training IT specialists – ItechProjects

proud to contribute to this exciting field by educating future professionals and developers.

Join the discussion and share your ideas and achievements!

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