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The progress of our students in the Tech Orda program in the course "Data Analytics" and "Data science"!

At Academica, we don't just follow the curriculum – we create an environment where every student can grow and develop.

At the moment, we are proud to observe the success of our 46 students: 29 of them are studying "Data Analytics", and 17 are studying "Data science".

Our students of the course "Data Analytics" and "Data science" are now participating in live SQL workshops and, starting from Week 9, will attend Python workshops. This is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the languages that are the foundation of modern analytics and data science.

In addition to classes, our students have a general chat where they can exchange ideas, discuss complex topics and ask questions. Our curators are always in touch in this chat, ready to help and guide students on their way to achieving their educational goals.

We strive to create an environment where every student feels supported and inspired by the community.

We are proud of how our students apply their knowledge in practice, and we are confident that these new workshops will further expand their capabilities and improve their understanding of complex concepts.

Join Academica to become a part of this dynamic and innovative educational process!

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