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Working approach in online education: stories of students who were able to find a job

In a world where education is increasingly moving online, it is necessary to move away from traditional academic methods and pay attention to real results. The CODECO online education platform focuses on approaches directly related to the successful employment of students. These are not just courses; they are routes leading to real work in the industry.

Project-oriented training:Our teaching methodology moves away from abstract academic concepts to practical tasks that students can meet in their future professional activities. Training based on real projects gives students the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge in practice and develop competencies that are in demand in the labor market.

Mentoring:Each CODECO student receives the support of a mentor — an experienced practitioner in his field. Mentors help students at any time, share their own professional experience and provide support in building a career.

Employment history:Examples of our students, such as Nursultan and Arailym, illustrate the success of our approach. In 8 months after the start of training, Nursultan not only received an invitation to work, but also managed to advance up the career ladder and double his salary. Arailym, having completed her studies in just 6 months, was hired at Halyk Bank on the first attempt.

The stories of our students confirm that a project-oriented approach and the support of mentors are key to successful employment in the IT field.

CODECO continues to confirm its reputation as an academy that not only teaches, but also opens doors to professional life.

This article will be useful not only for students considering studying at CODECO, but also for employers looking for talents brought up in the spirit of practicality and readiness for real work tasks.

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