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Uncover the secrets of effective halal production management using blockchain.

 Do you want to get information on how to innovatively organize the production of Halal products? Then join our online conference!

We are pleased to announce that the Prometeo Chain System research company, together with KazStandard and QazTrade, is holding an online webinar “HOW TO BECOME COMPETITIVE IN THE INTERNATIONAL MARKET WITH IKARUS SMART HALAL?” September 08 at 15:00 Astana time. We invite all entrepreneurs, manufacturers, exporters, international centers and organizations for certification of halal products to participate in the online conference.

The meeting will focus on the discussion and application of advanced technologies of Industry 4.0 for manufacturers of halal products. By attending the online conference, all participants will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the unique Ikarus Smart Halal solution, which can be easily integrated into the management of any business. Ikarus Smart Halal is an innovative and versatile platform that aims to provide businesses with a new approach to halal product certification.

Speaking about its main features, it is impossible to keep silent about the following aspects:

Guarantee of authenticity and quality of your products: Provides reliable control of traceability, origin and reliability of certification of your halal products through the innovative Ikarus blockchain of Prometeo Chain System.

✅ Support for IoT and GPS devices: Protects your products from potential counterfeiting and smuggling by connecting IoT and GPS devices that monitor products in real time, creating an additional level of security, transparency and trust. 

✅ Transparency with QR Codes: With Ikarus Smart Halal, customers can check the entire life cycle of your products by scanning the QR code, making sure of the authenticity and quality of your products.

Convenient storage of your documentation: Reliable and unchangeable storage of all relevant documentation for the implementation of your product on the Ikarus blockchain network (certification, laboratory evidence of compliance with Halal standards, etc.). 

You can book your seat by registering at the link

The number of seats is limited!

If you have any questions, you can contact us by phone:

WhatsApp / calls +7 (778) 816 6737,

Join us to jointly improve the efficiency of your halal goods production!

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