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Development of data analytics and IT exports: The Upstars Program from Azat Yesenov

Hello, my name is Azat Yesenov, I am the founder of the Upstars program aimed at promoting IT outsourcing and freelancing throughout Kazakhstan. We offer extensive courses in data analytics, including training in important communication skills, mastery of Power BI and strategies for finding projects on Upwork.

Our mission is to improve educational services and train specialists in such important areas as data analytics, business management, sales and project management, which is critically important for increasing the export of IT services in Kazakhstan. Our plans for the next three years include the creation of aimaktyk export-oriented incubators throughout the country, training is conducted on the basis of regional hubs in Semey and Aktobe.

Kereybai Argyn, an outstanding participant in our program, completed an internship in our company between sessions in Semey and Aktobe. He signed a significant contract for Upwork and now works for the American company Salvage Data, earning $35 per hour on data visualization, while continuing his studies at Nazarbayev University.

After the successful experience of Kereybai, another vivid example from our program is Madina Mamyrbekova. Madina acquired her skills during a summer session at our Yessen&Company office in Astana. She used these competencies to enroll in a master's degree in Austria and receive a $2,500 contract with a Swedish company for Upwork, demonstrating the effectiveness of our training.

Our path to Upstars is not only about education, it is about creating a sustainable IT ecosystem in Kazakhstan, supporting talents and helping young professionals to have a significant impact on the global digital economy.

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