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Development of the venture capital market in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan's venture capital market showed significant growth in 2023, reaching record levels of financing and investment exits. Kazakhstan projects such as OneVision, Clockster, Easytap, CTOgram have become key recipients of venture investments, CerebraAI, UvU, Kwaaka, BPMTracker, Porte, Hero's journey, Codiplay, JobEscape and others. The total number of transactions concluded is 55, the total investment volume amounted to more than $ 80 million, which reflects a fivefold increase over the past six years.

FinTech continues to lead in terms of investment, which highlights its innovative potential and attractiveness to investors. For example, Prosper Pay is an innovative service for accessing earned wages before payday, which revolutionizes traditional financial services. E-commerce platforms and markets have also seen significant growth thanks to investments from large corporations.

Key players in the venture capital market:

- Most Ventures

- Big Sky Capital

- Tumar Venture Fund

- EA Group

- Quest Ventures

- Jas Ventures

- Nomad VC

- Activat VC

- 500 Ventures

- Qazaqstan Investment Corporation

- MyVentures

- Tech Garden Ventures

- Almak Capital Investment Firm

- Falconry

- InDrive New Ventures

- Baiterek Venture Fund

- QazTech Ventures

* The information was prepared according to the "Rise research" source

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