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We are developing IT in Astana!

Incredible events are taking place in the development world, and we are happy to share with you unique news about the development of our DarynTech school, and about the achievements of our students!

We are proud to announce that our students of the DarynTech IT School exceeded all expectations during their training. This is a remarkable success, and we would like to share some details.

Our school provides training to 11 students on a grant within the framework of the TechOrda project, as well as 4 more students on an internal grant. Their growing energy and dedication to learning is impressive. They have successfully mastered both the basics and put their skills into practice. Of course, this will be a significant advantage for their future career achievements.

Our teacher is Stanislav Bogdanov, an experienced FullStack developer. He not only shares his knowledge, but also helps students in every step of their learning. Thanks to his expertise and mentoring, our students receive not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical skills necessary for a successful start in the development industry.

We are proud to form not only theoretically competent, but also practically ready specialists who are able to successfully cope with the requirements of modern industry. Our mission is to provide students with the best opportunities to achieve career success in the field of FullStack development, and we will continue to improve and develop our training program to meet all the requirements of a rapidly changing market.

This is just a small part of our success story. Our students continue to show their talents and strive for new heights. Every day they apply their knowledge and skills more confidently and effectively in real projects.

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