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Student results for the Tech Orda 2023 program

After two months and 16 lessons, the participants of the Test IT bootcamp on Frontend and Backend development have already actively engaged in code creation.

We remind you that as part of Frontend development, we use JS with the Vue 2 and Vue 3 frameworks, and for Backend development, the Java language using the Spring framework is selected.

At the moment, Frontend development students have successfully mastered the layout skills of the website. They not only know how to create animations, which is admired by our curators, but also successfully implement adaptability. In addition, they have already started the layout of a new project, the name of which still falls under the NDA.

As for the participants of Backend development, they have successfully mastered the skills of programming, creating logic and improvements. We also note the importance of the fact that the curators focus the students' attention on writing clean and beautiful code.

In the near future, it is planned to connect participants to an internship on a real project📌

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