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SmartCastle is a fortress of knowledge!

🚀 SmartCastle results for two months in the TecHord program

📚 Learning at its peak: Over the past two months, SmartCastle has made important progress in learning. We enrolled 59 students in the TecHord program, of which 50 students are holders of TecHord grants, and 9 students were given an internal grant from the school. It becomes an integral part of their learning path.

👨🏫 The best teachers: Our team of teachers are real experts in their field, as well as motivating mentors. They provide students with knowledge and support, helping everyone to reach their potential.

📱 Variety of courses: Our three key courses — Android Development, Front End Development and IOS Development — become guides in the world of technology. They are designed taking into account modern trends, adhering to the high standards of the industry.

🌍 A place in the heart of Shymkent: We are located in a convenient location, making education accessible to residents of the city. Our presence in the southern region of Kazakhstan allows us to bring in-demand knowledge and skills to this dynamically developing region.

Close-knit community: SmartCastle has become not only an educational platform, but also a center for the formation of strong ties and long-term partnerships. Future leaders and IT professionals grow here.

🖥️ Investment in Education: We recently purchased an additional 10 macbooks to provide better education. This will allow students to immerse themselves in the study of programming with great comfort and efficiency.

Studying at SmartCastle is not just a course, but an opportunity to become part of a larger community. We train specialists who are ready to change the world through coding! 💻✨

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