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Happy nauryz meiramy

Nauryz meiramy - start of the year formed from ancient times holiday. Current calendar on (March 22) falls on the time of the Equinox. Vintage in Persian Nava=new + razanh=day, in the sense of "New Day", present in Persian the rest with the same meaning (no=new + rose=sun; meaning "New Day"), which means "new year" (marking the growth of the sun).

2010 From May 10 from The United Nations According to resolution 64 of the General Assembly, March 21 is celebrated as the "International Nauryz day".[1] In its commentary, the General Assembly stated that "Nauryz has been celebrated as a spring festival since 3000 On the Balkan PeninsulaBlack Sea in the region, In the CaucasusCentral Asia and In The Middle East 300 million people are celebrating." Al UNESCO on September 30, 2009, Nauryz meiramy was included in the list of intangible cultural heritage of mankind.[2]

In Kazakhstan, Nauryz is celebrated for three days: from 21 to 23 March (since 2010). In general, Nauryz is celebrated as a spring holiday and the beginning of the New Year among such peoples as the Persian, Caucasian and Turkish. He Iran On March 21, and in the countries of Central Asia and Azerbaijan, as a public holiday Tajikistan and in Kazakhstan-on March 22, in Uzbekistan and Turkey-on March 21.

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