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Beksar startup has rebranded itself – as it was and as it became.

Kazakh FinTech startup Beksar, which automates stores, has been rebranded. The project's logo, visual style and product name have been updated. Previously, the main product of the startup was called ShopUchet. Now the program for full automation and control will be called – Beksar. The founders made a strategic decision to simplify brand awareness by choosing a name identical to the company name for their main product.  

Maksat Bektibayev, co-founder and CEO of the startup, shared the details of the work done: 

"The product is becoming more and more in demand and popular. Therefore, we wanted to simplify the perception of the brand. The idea was based on a barcode as a symbol of facilitating and speeding up the processes of identifying goods and information about them. Fast and accurate data reading is one of the important aspects for automating trade tracking and management processes, according to brand values."  

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