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Telegram Ads – what's new in the advertising account?

Telegram Ads is an actively developing advertising platform. The functionality convenient for marketers is constantly being added to the TG Ads advertising account. If you haven't had time to check out the latest updates yet, we've put them together for you:

New Call to Action (CTA) buttons

Now you can leave not only an external link, a button on a bot or a telegram channel, but also buttons: Read, Learn More, Download, Open, Sign Up, Buy, etc.

Advertising launch schedule

The account now has the ability to set up a custom schedule for launching ads. Specific days, hours, start and end dates. 

Daily limit

Advertisers can now limit their daily budget. If the limit for the day is exhausted, the ad is placed on hold, and from the next day it spins again.

Reducing the ad budget

The cabinet now has the opportunity to reduce the budget of a specific ad without deleting it, before that it must be "On hold" for 10 minutes

Good luck in testing new functionality and creating effective advertising campaigns! And if you are not familiar with Telegram Ads yet, sign up for a demo call with AdHand experts. We will answer all your questions.

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