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Telegram Ads in TON – what is it?

It's no secret that Telegram Ads has released a major cabinet update that has given marketers new opportunities. We tell you what Telegram Ads is in TON and how it differs from the usual cabinet. 

What is Telegram Ads in TON?

  • Advertising is available in a large number of languages: Kazakh, Uzbek, English, Spanish, Arabic and many others
  • The cabinet with running campaigns looks the same as the cabinet with campaigns in Russian, which is familiar to marketers 
  • So far, only advertising of the Telegram channel is available, but additional features may open up in the near future (for example, advertising an external link or a bot)
  • CPM is even lower than in the usual office 
  • Payment is made in TON cryptocurrency. But with AdHand, you can pay in the usual way with a minimum deposit of $250

We have already tested the new account and advertising in other languages and will share the results at our webinar, which will be held on May 22 at 15:00 in Kazakhstan. Visiting the webinar is absolutely free.

  • We will tell you in detail about the office in TON and its difference from the usual office
  • Let's share the experience of launching us and our customers 
  • Let's tell you how to launch in any language and pay with non-cryptocurrency
  • We will answer all the questions 
  • We will present a document with Telegram Ads benchmarks for different industries to everyone who comes 

We are waiting for you at the webinar! In the meantime, you can subscribe to our Telegram channel to receive more news about advertising on social networks. 

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