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Tenders in the field of IT in Kazakhstan: an expert view on the procurement of programs, products and development

In Kazakhstan, public and private organizations purchase licenses for cloud software or custom software. In the article we will present the expert opinion of the specialists of the Eurasian electronic portal about tenders in the field of IT in Kazakhstan, analyzing statistics, analytics, and highlight current IT tenders.

Statistics and analytics

Tenders in the field of IT in Kazakhstan are an important tool for ensuring the effective functioning of public administration systems, banks, companies and other organizations. In recent years, there has been a significant increase in interest in IT tenders, as well as an increase in the volume and cost of purchased products and services.

The analysis of the tenders conducted on the Eurasian electronic portal allows us to identify several main trends in the field of IT procurement. For example, most tenders are related to the purchase of software for various purposes — from operating systems and office applications to specialized products. In addition, there is an increasing demand for services for the development and integration of software solutions, as well as for custom software development.

The increase in the number of software purchases on the Eurasian Electronic Portal

Analyzing the data over the past few years, we see a gradual increase in the number of tenders held in the IT sector in Kazakhstan. This indicates the growing need of organizations for various IT solutions and services, as well as the fact that companies increasingly prefer to hold open competitions to select suppliers.

The number of purchases of IT equipment on the Eurasian electronic Portal

There are several significant developments in the IT tender market. Tenders were held, within the framework of which highly efficient management systems, large infrastructure projects and innovative developments were purchased. Analyzing the data, we have identified the top most expensive IT tenders in recent years on our tender platform, which stand out significantly from others in terms of cost and volume of work:

  • Technological platform for the creation, development and operation of application software — 2 044 642 857,14 KZT
  • IT infrastructure management services — KZT 289,720,000.00
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), including administration services — 113 161 456.80 KZT

Tenders in the field of IT in Kazakhstan are an important tool for the development of information technologies in the country. Analyzing statistics and analytics on tenders held on the Eurasian electronic portal, as well as studying periodic reviews, you can gain valuable knowledge about the current state of the market, trends and customer needs.

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