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Innometrics LTD LLP

Good afternoon, everyone! Our company Innometrics LTD develops and implements its own software for financial control (accounting) of elevator companies. 

The Innometrics Financial Control for Elevator Companies using Proprietary Software project aims to provide comprehensive financial control for elevator companies, providing them with a reliable accounting and cash flow management system. This is done with the help of specialized software designed to meet the needs and specifics of the industry. Innometrics software provides the possibility of detailed accounting of financial transactions. It allows you to take into account receipts and expenses for various items, analyze payment schedules, and control debts, including accounts receivable and payable.

Project objectives:

  1. Minimizing the financial risks of elevator companies: The project aims to reduce financial risks by better managing cash flow and preventing possible losses.
  2. Increasing the profitability of elevator companies' transactions: The goal is to optimize financial transactions to ensure the most profitable transactions, taking into account minimum costs and maximum profit.
  3. Ensuring clear control of the cash flow of elevator companies: The project aims to create a system that provides accurate and reliable control over all financial transactions in companies, allowing you to keep a balance between income and expenses.
  4. Creating reports on the cash flow of elevator companies by income and expense items: The project also aims to create detailed reports that allow you to analyze cash flows for various income and expense items, which helps in making strategic decisions and planning financial transactions.
  5. Ensuring minimal risks for suppliers of elevator equipment and end users: The project will ensure strict financial control, which will make the equipment better and deliveries will be on time, which means end users, that is, ordinary people will receive their apartments, houses without delays and health hazards.

We really believe that our project will be useful for all elevator companies and it will bring common benefit to the whole country.

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