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Top 30 online programming courses for schoolchildren

In the modern world of information technology, advanced IT skills are becoming increasingly valuable. Simple skills to install programs and configure the computer have ceased to be relevant. 

Only those who have in-depth knowledge in programming in various languages, understand machine learning algorithms, are able to apply 3D modeling and know architectural software design, will be able to stand out and achieve success in the future.

Understanding the basics of coding and the ability to create their own programs or web applications give children significant advantages in the labor market. Information technology skills not only open doors to potentially high-paying professions, but also contribute to the development of creativity and innovative thinking in children. Studying this direction from an early age helps to form logical thinking, the ability to analyze and solve problems, and also strengthens self-confidence

Attending additional education schools has many advantages:

  • First, children will delve into their hobbies and develop talents. The circles provide additional opportunities for the practical application of knowledge, the development of creative and analytical abilities. 
  • Secondly, additional education circles are often held in small groups, which contributes to a more individual approach to each child. Teachers and mentors in such lessons create a supportive and stimulating environment where children receive attention and can grow and develop at their own pace. 

In addition, participation in additional education circles allows children to broaden their horizons, communicate with like-minded people and find new friends. They will exchange ideas, learn to work in a team and develop social adaptation skills. 

In today's material, we will tell you about the TOP 30 online courses where children will be able to learn programming, learn how to create websites, get acquainted with the areas of robotics, etc.

Pixel is waiting for children from 5 years old who want to learn how to create websites in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, code in Python and create characters in 3D. Lessons here are conducted in a convenient remote and offline mode — you can choose any one. In addition, the practice can be done both individually and in a group. If your student prefers to study with others, he will be offered to join group classes where he can communicate, collaborate and create interesting projects together with other students. 

This is a great opportunity to develop teamwork skills and learn how to interact effectively. At the same time, groups are recruited according to the age of the participants, so your child will feel comfortable among peers.

However, if a young coder prefers to study independently, Pixel also provides individual practices. This format allows you to focus on the development of personal skills and educational needs of the child, accelerates the process of mastering the material and helps him to become a sought-after specialist faster in the future. Thus, the student will be able to choose the most suitable training option and achieve great success in developing their abilities.

If your young coder hasn't tried his hand at IT yet, it doesn't matter, classes at Pixel are also suitable for beginners. 

The school's programs consist of modules for the convenience of learning information in parts. There is also a 10% discount for new students if a subscription for 12 or more lessons is immediately purchased.

Classes at Pixel are conducted using modern methods. For example, gamification elements have been introduced into the educational process. This means that the material is presented in a game form. Therefore, children actively engage in dialogue with the teacher and implement their creative ideas.

Link to the website:

In this school, you can choose any of the presented areas: coding, design and 3D, game creation. The type of study can be different. These can be mini-groups or individual trainings. 

You can get the first session for free and understand how suitable it is for your child. You can study here already from the lower grades. The teachers are experienced specialists from Moscow State University, MIPT, HSE, as well as authors of textbooks and Olympiad tasks.

Link to the website: /

If your child often spends time at the computer, it can be turned to his advantage, for example, to send him to trainings on writing code. Hello world offers individual remote coding classes for schoolchildren and teenagers aged 7-16. 

Practice is available remotely, so you can choose the time for lessons when the student will definitely be at home — there is no need to go anywhere. 

What you can learn in Hello world: Python language, computer literacy, Figma editor, Roblox and website creation.

Link to the website:

Codim.Online uses author's methods for better assimilation of the material by students. You can study here for at least 5 years and learn how to code, create games, do 3D illustration, etc. 

You can study the material here through Zoom with a teacher, or in the form of videos. The curricula are designed so that 1-2 practices per week are enough to complete the lessons. You can also fill out a special form on the website, after which the school will send more than 100 demo trainings.

Link to the website:

Here you can master a sought-after IT profession with the provision of an internship in the future. In college, students are able to devote themselves to creating websites, apps, games, mobile apps, etc. 

There are lessons for schoolchildren on the basis of the 9th or 11th grade. Sessions are available full-time, part-time and remotely, and the duration of training is from 34 months. Students perform all tasks on a special platform from Hexlet.

Link to the website:

In this educational institution, you can take lessons in the following areas: Python, Java, Swift. There is study both in full-time and in a format over the network. It is not necessary to have specific knowledge here, the main thing is to understand physics and mathematics at the 7th grade level. At the end of the study, you can get electronic certificates of training in each individual direction.

Link to the website:

The main program here is designed for 3 years. Young coders from grades 5 to 11 can get up-to-date IT knowledge in MSHP remotely. 

Trainings are held here on a special Internet platform with a built-in IDE system, with which you can code directly in the browser. You can also read student reviews on the website and choose the appropriate direction.

Link to the website: /

Inquisitive minds from 8 to 17 years old who want to get real IT skills that will be required to work in the field of information technology are waiting for trainings at Movavi. 

Sessions are held online here, and after graduation you can get a certificate in paper form. There is also an opportunity to sign up for a free online lesson.

Link to the website:

Various courses are held on the CredoKids platform, including web design, Python, Scratch and Java. Children start their education here from the age of 7. 

The training material is presented in an interactive form, including video materials. An experienced teacher will monitor the student's progress and support him throughout his studies. This platform offers a unique opportunity for the younger generation to start studying IT technologies.

Link to the website:

You can practice here in different directions, for example, there are the following courses: game developer, Python, Roblox, etc. Classes can be held in a mini-group or 1-on-one with a teacher remotely.

Link to the website:

For children who spend a lot of time at the computer, there is an opportunity to make this time more useful. Kodabra offers remote coding trainings for children and teenagers aged 7 to 17 years. 

Lessons are conducted in small groups of no more than 8 people. Here children learn various code writing languages, such as Python, Unity, Minecraft, Roblox and Scratch.

The main idea of Codabra is to allow everyone to choose the language they are interested in, and in the future become the creator of their own games, services and applications. This helps to develop their creativity and logical thinking.

Link to the website: /

Young IT specialists of different ages, who study from grades 1 to 11, are waiting on this platform. Lessons here are conducted remotely, which is convenient for those who combine studies and other sections. 

Classes are held in an interactive form. The platform reports that, on average, the level of academic achievement of students with their help increases by 30%.

Link to the website: /

Codemika offers coding directions for everyone who wants to learn Java, Python and Scratch. Remote master classes in the form of interactive webinars or virtual classes will be held in real time 2 times a week on the educational platform "Codemics". Experienced teachers of the school, who actively practice coding themselves, will teach not only how to write code, but also how to create their own projects. 

The school guarantees that after completing their studies, the graduate will be ready to enter the university in an IT specialty and will be able to put their skills into practice. 

Link to the website:

Here, study is offered to coders from 5 years old. For example, the study of "Scratch", "Python", robotics and much more is available. Children here study in groups of 4 to 12 people, and the teacher pays attention to everyone. 

Trainings are available remotely or in person. Offline, one lesson lasts 90 minutes. Over the network — 60 minutes.

Link to the website: /

In "Codology" programs offer children the opportunity to learn the basics of coding and not only. Master classes are held here for children from 4 to 17 years old. You can study both online and in person. 

Here they teach not only to create websites, games, mobile applications, but also to develop startup thinking and soft skills. The courses will give children the necessary skills for a successful career in the field of information technology and prepare them to become creative and innovative thinkers. 

Link to the website: /

If your coder finds a source of inspiration in the computer and his conversations revolve around the ideas of creating services and applications, then you should introduce him to "Atigenio". Users of this platform create their own projects, develop algorithms and reveal their creative potential.

The training takes place remotely, and in an individual-group format, with the constant supervision of teachers. Before starting the main tasks, your future IT specialist can take a special test for beginners and evaluate the features of studying with IT specialists. 

Link to the website:

At this academy, young coders have a unique opportunity to create exciting IT solutions that can scale to the whole world. Teachers here attach great importance to practice in the curriculum, so that students in comfortable conditions are faced with tasks that need to be solved in real situations.

Events at the "TOP" Academy are held full-time in small groups for young IT specialists from 9 years old. However, it is also possible to obtain knowledge via the Internet. This allows students to study promising IT areas and develop structured thinking. Teachers strive to provide students with all the necessary tools and resources for a successful career in the field of information technology.

Link to the website:

If you are looking for an opportunity to provide your coder with IT tasks with the help of a tutor through platforms such as Skype, Discord or face-to-face meetings, then you can turn to special resources on the network. On the TutorOnline website you will find the functionality of comparing training blocks of different teachers using a flexible filter.

On the platform, you can set parameters such as specialization, age, and even the location of the tutor. Pay attention to the reviews, rating and experience of each expert. Thus, you will be able to find the necessary specialist for online training or for face-to-face training that meets your needs.

Link to the website:

On this platform, young coders from 6 years old are able to choose a training option according to their interests. Here they study Roblox, 3D modeling, Python, website creation and much more. At the same time, trainings are held strictly individually so that the student is maximally involved in the educational process. 

Subjects are taught remotely with a teacher on a special platform for 50 minutes. The schedule is also built individually. 

Link to the website: /

Your young coder has a unique opportunity to enrich himself with fresh IT knowledge and subsequently apply it to real tasks with the help of remote classes with curators in Geeklama. Learning code writing languages is now becoming a decisive factor in choosing an interesting and in-demand profession in the future.

The school's website presents various programs for coders aged 6 to 17, and the most interesting thing is that the first lesson is free of charge. Teachers strive to provide your child with all the necessary tools for successful training and unlocking their potential in the world of information technology. 

Link to the website: /

Here you can get special training for future Junior developers. At Yandex Lyceum, children from grades 8 to 11 who want to connect their lives with the IT sphere have the right to become students. 

Students of 1-2 courses of college or technical school also take classes here. The training is conducted free of charge at the full-time sites. You can study them in parallel.

Link to the website: https://lyceum

If you are faced with choosing a platform or course for your young coder, you can find many interesting options on Stepik. Both paid and free options are presented here, which are easy to filter on the site. 

Choose to study remotely or face-to-face trainings. In addition, it is possible to choose the type of tasks: individual tasks or group tasks.

Link to the website:

In this school, you can find many different courses, mainly related to school education. There are also more highly specialized areas, for example, related to the study of algorithms and coding. 

In addition, there is an opportunity to learn the basics of the Python language, prepare for solving physics problems, etc.

Link to the website: /

XYZ focuses its training on coding, which can be applied in the field of game development. If your future IT student wants to become a game designer, developer and fully immerse himself in the world of creating computer games - here he will choose a suitable study option. 

No specific knowledge is required to study the materials, and the study is conducted online on its own training platform. You can also communicate in a closed group with classmates. The materials of the participants remain forever.

Link to the website:

Here you can become a young coder from the age of 7. Sessions at the school are held with a 1-on-1 teacher or in mini-groups. Trainings are provided in a convenient schedule, in a playful way and from anywhere in the world. Here they master the skills of writing programs and applications, creating games and websites, working with graphics and animation. 

Upon graduation, everyone will receive an official certificate, as well as accumulate a wealth of experience and knowledge in the field of coding, which will become a powerful motivation for further development in IT.

Link to the website: /

On the "Code of the Future" platform, you can find free courses on writing code for schoolchildren of grades 8-11, students of colleges and technical schools. Here they study popular languages: 1C, Python, Java, C++, C#, PHP and others. 

To register, you must have a public services account. Training can take place both full-time and remotely. Also, after choosing a direction, you need to pass a mandatory test to determine coding skills.

Link to the website:

Shkodish offers IT classes for students from 5 years old. They will study Scratch, Kodu, Pervologo and understand how an application or other program works in a computer.

For older people, there are already more complex training options for "Python", "Minecraft", etc. Studies are conducted online here, so you can study the material from almost anywhere in the world. there is also an opportunity to complete the training in person.

Link to the website: /

In "Robix" you can take coding trainings remotely. At the same time, they will teach not only coding, but also robotics. 

In addition to understanding the C++ language, here you can learn how to work with chips, master Meowbit, create a game for the Arduboy console, etc. You can become a coder here from the age of 7. Practices are available in small groups over the network.

Link to the website: /

At the practices of future IT specialists from 5 to 8 years old, they are introduced to the basics of coding and discover for them the fascinating world of robots through the use of the Pictomir environment. This allows children to learn in practice how the code algorithm works and how they can create their own projects using this convenient and intuitive development environment. 

This is a coding language that is taught here for 8 sessions. Sessions are held on the Internet 1 time a week.

Link to the website:

Here students from 8 to 15 years old can take classes both online and offline. You can choose from popular destinations for "Python", "Scratch" and "Java". Each lesson has a duration of 1.5 hours and takes place in small groups not exceeding 6 people. 

Thanks to such a limited number of participants, the school can provide lessons with great attention to each student. The effectiveness of these classes is almost equivalent to an individual approach.

Link to the website:


In conclusion, I would like to note that IT areas are currently in the stage of rapid growth, so your young coder has a chance to get the skills in demand and become an IT specialist. This article presents the best online programming schools for children, with which you can get high-quality coding knowledge. Choose a course that will interest both you and your future IT specialist.

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