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The success of our students: Employment at Kcell

Employment at Kcell

Yerzhan Ashimov, our talented student studying under the Tech Orda 2023 program of the second stream, already in the fifth month of study, successfully got a job at Kcell as a Junior Backend Java Developer. His diligence, pursuit of knowledge and excellent training received at our school were key factors in this success. Yerzhan demonstrated outstanding abilities in Java programming, which allowed him to successfully complete an interview and start a career in one of the leading IT companies in Kazakhstan. His example inspires other students, showing that dedication and quality education open the door to prestigious jobs.

Future plans

After the successful employment of students of the first stream of the Tech Orda 2023 program, we do not stop there and continue to actively work on the preparation and employment of students of the second stream. Our goal is to provide each student with the necessary skills and opportunities to successfully start a career in IT. We are constantly improving our curricula, adapting them to the requirements of the labor market, and working closely with leading IT companies to create favorable conditions for the employment of our graduates.

We are proud of the success of our students and strive to ensure that each of them achieves their professional goals. Our efforts are aimed at making every graduate of our school feel confident and ready for professional challenges. Together, we can achieve even greater success by helping each student find their place in the IT world and contribute to the development of this dynamically developing industry.

By continuing to maintain a high level of education and providing our students with opportunities to apply their knowledge in practice, we are confident that we can help even more of our students achieve their career goals and become successful IT professionals.

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