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SDU IT PARK students progress on Techorda Program (Module 4)

After finishing the fourth part of their studies, students at SDU IT PARK focused on learning two important subjects: Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Data Science (DS).

In NLP, they learned:

- How to pull out important information from different kinds of data, like news, social media, and chatbots.

- Basics of working with text, like understanding patterns and organizing words.

- Using math models to understand language better and do things like translate or correct spelling.

- Sorting text into categories based on what it's about, using a Conditional Probability algorithm Naive Bayes.

In Data Science, they learned:

- Different ways to analyze data, like figuring out patterns and making predictions.

- Advanced techniques for organizing and working with data.

- How to use a language called SQL to talk to databases and control the information inside them.

This carefully planned learning program helps students understand theory well and gives them practical skills to solve real problems in language and data. Working closely with Astana Hub continues to be really important for shaping future leaders in technology and data in Kazakhstan.

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