Astana Hub congratulated technopark's thousandth participant

Two brothers, Ali and Abay Akhmetbek are creating software capable of reading retinal scans and predicting the likelihood of various diseases. The IT project is at an early stage and has great potential. The founders do not want to create a template project with standard answers but aim to create a teachable model that is able to adjust to different needs and self-learn.

"Today, we took the first step toward our goal. Potentially, our project could become a new milestone in the development of medicine. We are talking about the public and private institutions in Kazakhstan and beyond. We plan to integrate our software into various information systems, especially into the systems of CT, MRI, mammology apparatuses manufacturers, and so on," shared Simple IT co-founder Ali Akhmetbek.

The new participants thanked the Astana Hub management for their attention and planned a series of meetings with other technopark residents to promote their IT product. 

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