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In the Anti-Plagiarism system.Kazakhstan" documents of the IEEE International Association appeared

The company is Anti-plagiarism.Kazakhstan and the IEEE International Engineering Association have signed a cooperation agreement. Now in the search engine "Anti-Plagiarism.Kazakhstan" documents of the IEEE International Engineering Association have appeared. The collection includes more than 5.5 million documents.

IEEE (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Incorporated) is the world's largest professional scientific association in the field of technology and engineering. IEEE sponsors almost 2,000 annual conferences and events around the world (95 countries), and provides assistance in selecting cutting-edge content for technical areas of interest within the IEEE standard. During the conferences, IEEE cooperates and sponsors 1300 non-IEEE organizations worldwide, attracting about half a million conference participants. More than 1,500 conference materials are published through Xplore® IEEE.

The collection of documents to which the access license was purchased contains electronic copies of 210 journals (the beginning of the archive from 1860 to the present) and more than 4,500 conference materials from 1998 to the present day.

Since the increase in the number of international documents in the index of the Anti-Plagiarism system.Kazakhstan" leads to an improvement in the quality of search, an additional module for searching loans from IEEE databases will allow higher educational institutions, research organizations and publishing houses to be confident in the result obtained, will help maintain a high standard of published works and publications.

Incorrect borrowings or incorrect transferable borrowings in publications are associated with unnecessary reputational risks for the organization. Improving search quality is always another step towards minimizing such risks.

In January 2024, verification of the IEEE collection documents will be available to users of the Anti-Plagiarism system.Kazakhstan" on all its versions.

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