Hello everyone I invite you to join the GameDev project team, I myself am developing a game called Saints Maze. In 2023, there will be an announcement of the game in January.<br />I need: a content maker and a PR man and a game lover, If you want to develop with us, write to me!<br />--------------------------------<br />A little bit about the project: The game will be with a third-person view, we got inspiration from the movie "Maze Runner"<br />Genre: Survival, slasher, RPG<br />Platform : Windows (so far)<br />There will be an online mode<br />--------------------------------<br />What are you going to do:<br />&bull; Develop social networks (Twitter | Facebook | YouTube)<br />&bull; Publicize the game<br />&bull; Video photo editor (Pr | Ps | Figma)<br />--------------------------------<br />What we give you:&nbsp;<br />&bull; Promotion of the game<br />&bull; Marketing Course<br />&bull; Endless development<br />--------------------------------<br />We will discuss all the details personally, and the percentage of copies sold (revenue of games) will depend on your experience.<br />To apply, just write to me in the BOS.<br />--------------------------------<br />We are waiting for you!<br />--------------------------------


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