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Xiaomi has revealed a new operating system Hyper OS

HyperOS is an innovative interface from Xiaomi, which is distinguished by fresh system applications and dynamic animation.

Initially, the developers announced the debut of MIUI 15, but later there were adjustments to the concept. The name MIUI 15 was transformed into HyperOS. The question of whether the distribution of the new system will be limited to China or whether Hyper OS will spread to an international audience remains open.

The updated HyperOS has received notable improvements in design aspects. This is especially true of the control center and the notification panel. In addition, significant improvements have been made to many applications in order to give them features similar to iOS, which, of course, has a positive effect on user interaction.

Xiaomi has been testing the OS for a long time to make it easy to connect between different products, including cars, smart watches, household appliances and so on. HyperOS has some additions to the proprietary Vela operating system, which debuted in 2017. According to tests, the new interface works faster. In addition, it consumes less energy. This increases the battery life of smartphones and other devices. 

HyperConnect is a synchronization function for Xiaomi HyperOS users that allows you to control devices depending on the user's location: from home appliances to outdoor accessories. The system provides collaboration with the Mijia ecosystem, but with a restriction on third-party devices.

HyperOS devices can automatically synchronize Internet access, use smartphone cameras for video calls on laptops, and exchange notifications and data among themselves. Syncing the status of applications in the Chinese market allows you to continue tasks from one device to another, including watching videos and working in office applications.

HyperMind is an intelligent platform that allows Xiaomi's HyperOS operating system to adapt to individual user habits by automating actions, for example, turning on the light when entering the house.

Xiaomi AI Assistant has received updates: it can create texts and turn sketches into illustrations. The gallery now has the ability to edit photos and improved the search for key queries, for example, to find photos of pets.

The HyperOS system includes the function of "live" subtitles, which converts speech into text during videos and calls. The function is currently available only in Chinese, while the Android counterpart supports a limited number of languages.

Also, do not forget about the gallery, I especially liked its functionality (to this day I consider the gallery application from Xiaomi to be the best gallery among android devices). The gallery will analyze the photos and those who are depicted on it. What is it for ? Special software in the future will make it possible to generate an image with a specific person based on your request. For example, you can generate yourself on the beach or in a nightclub (even if you are not there right now). Here are examples of images that Xiaomi showed not presentations:

And also brought an analog of FireFly from Adobe directly to the gallery: 

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