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Completion of training and why we chose these areas

In early November , students of the Da Vinci School of Programming graduated from the Tech Orda program. They were trained in three areas of Data Analysis, Data Science and Web Programming. Students were immersed in the study of these areas through the implementation of the order of mini-projects based on the actual tasks of the industry. The bias in each of these modules was on practical projects that students could add to their portfolios by completing. At the end of each module, a final project was waiting for them. The reasons why these three directions were chosen are clear and simple.

Data Analysis was chosen because in an ever-changing information space, data analysis is the most important support that allows individuals and organizations to extract meaningful information from a huge sea of data. Whether you are a businessman seeking to make informed decisions, a researcher looking for patterns in a dataset, or an inquisitive mind exploring the depths of information, data analysis is the key to unlocking valuable knowledge.

Data Science was chosen because in the information age, data has become a currency that fuels innovation and stimulates decision-making. At the forefront of this data revolution is the field of data science, an interdisciplinary approach that combines statistics, computer science, and domain expertise to extract valuable information from complex datasets.

Web Programming was chosen because in the digital age, the Internet serves as a dynamic platform that unites people, businesses and ideas around the world. At the heart of this interconnected virtual space is web programming - a set of technologies and tools that allow developers to create interactive, attractive and functional websites and web applications.

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