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Good afternoon!

We are a young startup, and in early February 2024, we became partners of AstanaHub.

Our company specializes in providing professional accounting services for various types of businesses. Based on our experience, as well as with the increased demand for Accounting support for small newly opened companies, we began developing software for Self-accounting on a mobile device.

The development of the application was launched in August 2023, and in November 2023 we launched the first version of the application.

Online(Online) Accountant is a portable application designed for high-quality and efficient online bookkeeping. It allows you to track financial transactions, create documents, and monitor the status of your budget directly from your mobile device.

On this version of the application, self-accounting is available for companies with a Simplified tax regime. In the future, we will expand the capabilities of our application, add consultations and analytics generated using AI.

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