Regional IT HUB

Our goal is to promote startup culture and the IT community
We are confident that we will be able to create a favorable
environment for the development of startups and make Kazakhstan
one of the leaders in the global IT community.

Regional IT Hub

Developed for regional startup projects. Startup projects
assistance will be provided in creating effective
business processes, scaling, meeting like-minded people,
and preparing to attract investment.

300 online and offline educational events in 10 cities of Kazakhstan

Experts in IT business, startups and development

You will learn how to quickly and efficiently launch your first IT project at minimal cost!

For club residents we will hold a contest of startups with a prize fund of 5,000 000 tenge!


What will you get?

Tax preferences

All Astana Hub residents receive tax preferences and are exempt from paying basic income taxes

PR support

Successful startups will be published on the official pages of Astana Hub for interviews and live broadcasts


Great opportunities for networking with the IT community

Demo Day

The competition is designed to identify startup projects, provide support for projects to reach a new level of development, and reward the best for the results achieved.

Hub Battle

The annual final competition of technology startups with big prizes.



Regional IT Hub



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Educational programs

For everyone who wants to study at private IT schools as part of the Tech Orda program

An intensive course in which we will analyze all the nuances of freelancing, reveal the secrets of successful freelancers and tell you about the intricacies of working with a customer. Freelance School will help you get your first order from anywhere in the world, increase your income and get higher paying orders

Startup School is an online course for those who want to start their own startup and gain knowledge on how to develop their business. The course will be accompanied by subtitles in Kazakh.

An intensive online course that will help you prepare for interviews at top IT companies, improve your soft skills, learn how to make business contacts, and plan your career effectively.

Course on creating IT products without using code. NoCode course is a new skill of product development without using code and will help you understand how an IT product works fundamentally.

Program for students of Kazakh universities on technological entrepreneurship