5 reasons to relocate your IT company to Kazakhstan according to AI

We asked the artificial intelligence in ChatGPT why one should relocate their IT company to Kazakhstan. Here's what it had to say:

Relocating an IT company is a complex and responsible process that requires serious consideration and analysis. Kazakhstan is one of the countries that attract the attention of many investors and entrepreneurs, including IT companies.

1) Favorable business climate Kazakhstan is considered one of the most dynamic economies in Central Asia. The state actively develops its economic sector and makes a lot of efforts to attract investments. Companies registered in Kazakhstan can enjoy low tax rates and minimal restrictions on the export and import of goods and services.

2) Developed IT infrastructure Kazakhstan is actively developing its IT infrastructure and creating favorable conditions for investors. Special technology parks and free trade zones have been created in the country, which are oriented toward IT companies. There are many qualified IT specialists in Kazakhstan who can help in the development of your company.

3) The various number of startups. There are many IT startups in Kazakhstan that receive investments from foreign investors and develop very quickly. In addition, local startups are familiar with the peculiarities of the local market and can help your company better understand local conditions.

4) Geographical location Kazakhstan is located in the center of Eurasia and has a strategically important geographical position. This facilitates the export of products to various countries and regions.

5) Government support. The Kazakh government actively supports investors and entrepreneurs. It creates special programs to support small and medium-sized businesses and provides advisory assistance.

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