Astana Hub and Kazakhstan GIS Center announced the contest of IT projects Hackathon DefTech

The competition is aimed at finding creative technological solutions in the field of defense and security. Its implementation, firstly, reduces the time and saves human resources needed to study the market and search for partners, and secondly, it stimulates the development of innovative entrepreneurship.

– We have made a significant step in the digitization of public services. Most citizens receive them in electronic format. The technical tasks that we propose to fulfill for IT specialists within the announced competition work to create information systems in the interests of the defense department, - explained Deputy Defense Minister Darkhan Akhmediev.

The developers were asked to create technological solutions in three areas. The first is on the assessment and analysis of support, and military discipline among cadets and conscripts. It includes modules: "quality control of food", "assessment of the provision of clothing", and "assessment of military discipline". The second direction provides for the creation of a version of a multifunctional platform according to the selection criteria for conscripts to receive a grant for studying at a university. The third is the development of the DefTech portal.

"Hackathon Defense tech 2.0" is held by a subsidiary of the Ministry of Defense - JSC "Kazakhstan GIS Center" together with the international technopark of IT startups Astana Hub.

The terms of reference prepared by the Ministry of Defense are published on the Astana Hub: The qualifying round will take place on November 28 this year. The winners will be determined based on the results of the presentation of software products and their additional study.

The projects of the winners of the hackathon will be launched in pilot mode on the basis of the customer with the prospect of signing a contract.

Citizens of Kazakhstan over 18 years old, IT companies, and startups with sufficient resources to implement a pilot project can take part in the competition. Access to proprietary information of limited distribution and work with it is formalized by agreement.

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