Representative of the U.S. Secretary of State, Brian Stimmler: Astana Hub is impressive!

The International Technopark of IT startups was visited by a U.S. delegation, including Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Brian Stimmler, Political Affairs Officer Benjamin Overby, and Senior Economic Specialist at the U.S. Embassy in Kazakhstan Karima Akhmetova.

The guests were welcomed by Yersultan Ermanov, Director of the Department of Development of ICT of the Ministry of Digital Development, and Abay Absamet, Managing Director for the Development and Export of Astana Hub. They gave a tour of the technopark and spoke about Kazakhstan's IT ecosystem and the activities of the Astana Hub.  

"I talked to the embassy, and they recommended visiting Astana Hub to see what the government is doing to improve the IT sector in Kazakhstan. It's fascinating and informative. I had no idea Astana Hub was such a big technopark. It's impressive!" - Brian Stimmler marveled. 

Along with an overview of the Astana Hub's activities, participants of the technopark presented their projects to the delegation. The guests were addressed by Gunay Imanzada, founder and CEO of the Metatesk educational platform, and Yussup Tumgoyev, CEO of My Mind, a startup that identifies the signs and extent of dementia.

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