Astana Hub launched a school for creating IT products without programming

On April 5, Astana Hub launched the first day of an express course on creating IT products without programming NoCode School by Astana Hub. 405 people from all cities of Kazakhstan, as well as Russia, Kyrgyzstan and the countries of the European Union registered for training.

On the first day, Astana Hub held an introductory course on the basics of the platform for creating mobile and web applications Adalo. The participants studied the constructor, tariffs for use, interface and platform capabilities. During this week, course participants will get acquainted with the full package of Adalo tools and in the second part of the program, course participants will learn the Webflow platform for creating websites and online stores.

The express course takes the form of online lectures. There are already 336 people in the Astana Hub beginner nocoder community who are fully involved in training and plan to create their own IT product.

Astana Hub for the first time launched a specialized course on teaching nocode tools, which is available to everyone: schoolchildren, students, startups and future freelancers.

The express course will run until April 16.

Recall that all participants of the international technopark of IT start-ups Astana Hub receive tax preferences. Preferences exempt participants from paying taxes such as CIT, VAT, VAT on imports of goods, royalty tax, PIT and social tax for non-residents. Such a measure of state support allows IT companies to reinvest the saved funds in the development of their projects.

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Можно было уже взять Appgyver и делать мобильные приложения.