Bagdat Musin spoke about what digital solutions are used in Kazakhstan during the quarantine period.

Bagdat Musin held a press conference where he spoke about the plans and work of the Ministry of Digitalization, as well as about what digital solutions are used in Kazakhstan during the quarantine and epidemiological situation.

The Minister revealed the importance of using domestic mobile applications Ashyq, Saqbol, developed to combat the spread of COVID-19.  

With the help of the Ashyq application, a business can detect an infected person in time and thereby ensure the safety of visitors to the institution and prevent the spread of the epidemic. The pilot project was successfully launched, the minister cited as an example the situation in the fitness club, where they found attempts of a sick person to go to the institution,  but thanks to the application, it was localized in time and the risks of the spread of the coronavirus were minimized. In the near future, the Ministry plans to introduce the application in 3 regions: Pavlodar, Taraz and Aktobe. It is planned to introduce catering and cinemas into the project, in addition to fitness clubs, swimming pools, bowling, spa centers and computer clubs. At the moment, the application is available for use only in 110 previously registered organizations.

Another application - Saqbol - allows you to receive notification of contact with infected people, as well as notify others if your PCR test result is positive. The application anonymously notifies people with whom the patient has been in contact for 14 days, if they are registered in the application.

The head of the Ministry informed the citizens that now the electronic passport of vaccination is available in the eGov Mobile mobile application, in the "Digital Documents" section, where a full record of the data is kept: the drugs you received, the dates of their receipt and dosage. The questionnaire is not yet available to non-residents of Kazakhstan. But soon a web resource will be launched, where the visitor will be able to fill out a questionnaire in advance. 

Recall that all participants of the international technopark of IT startups Astana Hub receive tax preferences. Preferences exempt participants from paying taxes such as CPN, VAT, VAT on imports of goods, royalty tax, IPN and social tax for non-residents. Such a measure of state support allows IT companies to reinvest the saved funds in the development of their projects.

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