Over the past year, more than a thousand foreign IT specialists have utilized the services of the Expat Centre.

The center was established a year ago through the initiative of an international technology park Astana Hub, and is based in the international financial center "Astana." Since April 15th of last year until the present day, the center has provided 1200 government services to more than 1000 IT specialists. Notably, the Expat Centre is open not only to participants of the Astana Hub technology park but also to other IT professionals.

The Expat Centre operates on a one-stop-shop principle, allowing IT specialists who have come from abroad to easily obtain various government services, such as ID numbers, digital signatures, and temporary residency permits. 

According to Petr Neustroyev, Director of TOO Cybionix, the Expat Centre made the relocation process a lot smoother: "We turned to the Expat Centre during the process of applying for residency in Astana Hub. Thanks to the center, everything was processed easily, simply, and quickly during the most difficult moment of relocation, and we integrated into the ecosystem. The staff is friendly and helped with questions from company formation to obtaining all permits." 

"Insar Consulting is a participant of Astana Hub. We turned to the Expat Centre to obtain an ID number for our non-resident employee of the Republic of Kazakhstan when obtaining a temporary residence permit. The speed of work and quality of service provision was very pleasing." said Aliya Sadvakasova, a representative of Insar Consulting.

To avail of the Expat Centre's services, interested parties are required to book an appointment in advance, prepare the necessary documents, and come on the scheduled day to receive services. For more information on the center and the technology park, individuals can contact the hotline number 2222.

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