Former President of Ethiopia visited Astana Hub

A delegation from the Democratic Republic of Ethiopia arrived in Kazakhstan on a working visit to attend the Astana International Forum and the Foreign Investors Council. The purpose of their visit was to explore the local ecosystem and discuss potential collaborations. As a result, diplomatic representatives from Ethiopia and prominent entrepreneurs interested in venture investments in technology startups visited Astana Hub.

Magzhan Madiyev, the CEO of Astana Hub, conducted a tour for the guests, introducing them to the activities of Astana Hub. The meeting was attended by the former President of Ethiopia, the Deputy Head of the Ethiopian Mission in Kazakhstan from Ankara, the Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, the First Secretary of the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Ethiopia, representatives of Kazakh Invest JSC, and others.

"This visit is of great importance to us, not only in terms of strengthening the ties between the Kazakh and Ethiopian people but also in terms of business opportunities. This is my first visit here, and I am deeply impressed. I like the people, the food, and your fantastic city. In the future, we will have many business opportunities in Kazakhstan. Astana Hub is doing crucial work, especially for the younger generation. We have many students and learners. Our population is 120 million, with 60% being young people. Therefore, we need to educate them and create good opportunities for them. Your IT ecosystem and the peer-to-peer, friend-to-friend learning methodology are very important, and we hope to learn a lot from you," said the Deputy Head of the Ethiopian Mission in Kazakhstan from Ankara, His Excellency Ambassador Mulugeta Tarekegn Edle.

Following the meeting, Mr. Bedassa Feysa Ararsa, the owner and CEO of Harambee University, expressed interest in Alem School, a programming school, and the possibility of opening a branch in Ethiopia in partnership with the university. In turn, Astana Hub expressed readiness to assist and launch acceleration programs in Ethiopia.

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