Global Outsourcer 2.0: Applications Open for IT Outsourcing Support Program

With the aim of increasing Kazakhstan's export potential, Astana Hub announces the launch of the second cohort of the Global Outsourcer program, aimed at lead generation and acquiring orders in international markets.

Applications for participation are accepted until July 15th via the link.

For participation in Global Outsourcer 2.0, 20 IT companies will be selected to undergo intensive training in niche selection, lead generation, and sales. The acceleration lasts for 12 weeks and provides companies with a unique opportunity to obtain leads and sales through demand-aggregator exchanges, such as Upwork, which boasts over 5 million clients from 120 countries worldwide.

"To participate in the program, a company must be outsourcing, have developers and a sales manager or CEO, as well as annual revenue. The company must be registered in Kazakhstan and be ready to actively participate in the program for 3 months. One team member must be fluent in English. Program participants will have the opportunity to become residents of our technopark," explained Erbol Akhmetov, Director of Business Programs Office at Astana Hub.

The main directions include mobile app development, frontend and backend development, BI analytics and data visualization, Data Science, UX/UI and Motion video, No-code and Low-code, marketing, AI, Game Dev, and more. Participation in the program allows to systematize processes, validate strategies and niches in the international market, attract new leads from the USA, Europe, and MENA, reduce tax preferences for IT companies, as well as receive support from international agents.

The program consists of two blocks. The first one is educational, including 7 live lectures, 4 group masterminds, 5 homework assignments, individual strategic sessions on niche selection and profile packaging, assistance and feedback from experts and community, creating a profile on Upwork for lead generation, hacks on writing letters and responses. The second one is Sales - Track block, including weekly meetings with trackers and experts, validation of strategies and niches in the international market, active work on lead generation on Upwork, formation and management of sales funnel, active communication and peer-to-peer support, deal closing and upsell strategy implementation with the help of experts.

In 2023, participants of the first cohort of Global Outsourcer concluded 69 export contracts with 27 countries totaling over $158,000. These successful deals allowed program participants to expand their business by actively working in international markets such as the USA, Canada, Europe, Turkey, Australia, and others.

Additional consultations on the Global Outsourcer program can be obtained on the platform or by contacting the Astana Hub call center at short number 1818.

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