How to work with zoomers and what they will do with the labor market

A few years ago, the concept of generation Z firmly entered our everyday life. These are those who were born from 1995 to 2012. They are neither worse nor better, they are different. They are one of those who do not divide the world into virtual and real, they can simultaneously "be" on the phone, computer and read information from the TV. And now this generation has entered the labor path. Who they are and what they want in this life professionally, the figured it out.


This generation came into the world when scientific and technological progress began to gain momentum, and this continues to this day. Therefore, docking in the workflow of those who still remember typewriters and those who are sure that computers have always been - is not a simple phenomenon.

However, according to Daniya Akhmetova, director of the executive office of Astana Hub, all people are different, with their own characters, experience, and upbringing. But, if you look through the prism of generations, you can highlight some features that allow you to understand how to build communications, motivate, and involve people of different ages.

“Zoomers are the epitome of modern technology, creativity, and innovative projects. Many of IT and other companies are actively hiring Gen Z because they are burning with ideas beyond any of rules. They demand empathy and harmonious cooperation from companies. Zoomers are very dynamic and ambitious, there are no limits and restrictions for them, their main motivation is good working conditions, freedom of action for creativity and flexible approaches to work,” the expert believes.

Today, the Astana Hub employs millennials and zoomers. According to the director of the executive office, they get along very well.

"Millennials are shaped by technology and have grown up in a rapidly changing and highly competitive world as hardworking, ambitious and ready to think outside the box to take advantage of all professional opportunities. Generation Z is looking for more freedom to create and inspire. It is more interested in creating its own unique content, often creating its own startups, which give them the opportunity to innovate, "notes Denmark.

Admittedly, Generation Z is changing the world because they are free and more ambitious. Moreover, these are not just dreams, but confidence that they can do it. And one of the reasons could be because they are technically savvy and accustomed to the availability of any information.

What separates Gen Z from millennials is that they were 'born with technology.' Unlike Generation Y, digital technology has surrounded them since childhood, and the Internet is an integral part of their parents' lives.  Zoomers intuitively understand how to present their ideas to the public, thanks to their creativity, they easily create their own startups, brands and projects. But there are several "cons" that characterize zoomers. This is, first of all, rapid burnout, a painful attitude to criticism, difficulty in building communications. They are accustomed to communicating more often online and sometimes get lost in live communication, "points out Daniya.

Difficult, but interesting

HR specialists believe that Generation Z is different from X and Y. They will be able not only radically change the labor market, but also the world. They quickly learn, make decisions, find information, and, therefore, can bring tangible benefits to the company.

Anna Kieny, HR-manager of the marketplace, highlighted the key features of the new generation and explained how employers can best use these qualities in their work.

"Generation Z is different, it can be difficult working with them, but interesting. We teach them work; they teach us to make money. We tell them about the rules, and they tell us about their comfort zone and personal boundaries. They openly say in any interviews that they are now studying front-end, and this job is only a tool to earn and pay for training. They do not hesitate to voice their salary expectations with an explanation of why their value in the labor market is the way it is. Generation Z are exactly those "twenty-year-olds" who are ready and eager not just to work, but to generate  result. They need interesting tasks and drive. Creativity and the possibilities of a non-standard approach to traditional tasks, because it seems to me that this will be much better and more effective. They want to be involved, not limited, to their area of responsibility.

Such people always have their own position, which they are not afraid to voice either to the team leader or to the owner of the company. More often , they are less loyal to the employer than those who are older than them by only some 10 years. The reason is that they know that there is a choice, because this has been taught since childhood. Representatives of Generation Z easily leave a place when the tasks are no longer interesting. Or from work, where presence in the office is a priority, and for them sea view is the perfect workplace and they do not understand why to deny themselves this. However, I am convinced that the sooner we learn to integrate Generation Z employees into our business processes, the easier it will be for us when generation Z customers come to us.  — said the expert.

Next in line alpha

Those born after 2010 are referred to as "alpha" children. they are a little over ten years old. It’s too early to draw conclusions about what features they will have, but they won’t be the same as Z. If only because each new generation is different from the previous one. If only because they were offered a mobile screen instead of pacifiers. They definitely will have to actively engage with artificial intelligence.


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